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Company profile

Since the very beginning EAST WEST Line has been profiled as distributor of consumable materials for glass processing and packaging technologies. The word „distributor” has key meaning here in the way that we really like our customers to see us as company providing the complete logistics, financial and technical service.



We have stepped into 2006 with slogan QUEST FROM EAST TO WEST which became the part of company logo. It has certain meaning in the way we are trying to discover the new business opportunities between east and west.


We also see the meaning of the word QUEST = QUality, Experiences, Stability and Technology as the way we want to treat our customers and business partners.


Business partners from all over the world

As mentioned above, we are also trying to be present in other countries around the world. Currently, we already have business partners in Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine, the Baltic States and China. We are still at the beginning of our journey, but we strongly believe in trade without geographical borders. We still have a long way to go.